Stroops Slastix Toner

SKU: 1005006
$17.95 to $104.95
$17.95 to $104.95

Our Slastix Toner resistance band is the most versatile exercise tool Stroops offers. Do a full-body workout or focus on a single muscle group, the Slastix Toner is there to help. Best uses for the Slastix Toner resistance band:
• Full-body warmups
• Shoulder strength and mobility
• Arm curls
• Squats
• Chest press

The Slastix Toner resistance band is a 48-inch, dual-handle resistance band. Using Stroops’ patented safety sleeve elastic technology, this band supports every facet of your workout from warmups to arms, chest, shoulders, and legs. Stroops designs its resistance bands to have a long life and keep you exercising safely.

We designed the Slastix toner to complement your workout to perfection, thus our dual-handle band makes it so that you can complete your exercises without having to rely on multiple products.

Slastix Toner resistance bands are customizable according to handle type, resistance weight, and color of the band (handle strap color is decided by the chosen weight option). Choose between black or orange. Go with our standard handle or our special textured grip handle.

Stroops’ original design for safety sleeve elastic resistance bands solves two issues: accelerated breakdown of resistance bands through continued use, and the inherent danger present when bands break mid-session.

Unprotected resistance bands, what we call “naked tubing”, offer no protection in terms of wear and tear from you using your band on the go. The more damage your band suffers, the more rapidly it deteriorates. Even more damaging to the band is hyper-extension, which can greatly weaken or snap it. The immediate result is a weaker band, and the eventual result is a break. When it breaks, you’ll most likely be mid-extension, putting you in harm’s way from a snapback.

A Slastix band is wrapped in a fabric sleeve that protects it from cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and other forces like sun exposure, which quickly deteriorates naked tubing. The sleeve also prevents hyper-extension by maxing out before the band overextends, while stretching long enough to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Take it anywhere, whether you’re warming up at the gym or wrapping it around a tree trunk, and have the confidence that your band remains protected and long-lasting.