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Slastix Resistance Bands

SKU: 1004984
$14.95 to $34.95
$14.95 to $34.95

The Slastix Resistance Bands are a patented design built to optimize the life of your band, keep you safe from breakage, prevent over-extension, and make it possible for anyone to work out with resistance bands. Slastix stands for “safety sleeve elastic”, an original design at the core of everything Stroops does. With Slastix, you get a band that is virtually impossible to over-extend while protected by the sleeve. Safety sleeve elastic technology makes it so users can avoid all the common hassles of resistance band exercise, such as snagging on body and neck hair, and damage such as nicks, cuts, and abrasions to the band. The covered tubing also protects you if you have an allergy to latex. Don’t waste any more money on cheap bands built to break just from their intended use; your Slastix band is your long-term go-to resistance band. Bring further customization to your new workout buddy with five resistance options from 10-30 pounds and varying lengths from 12-72 inches.


To give you the freedom to customize your workout to what you need, the Slastix band is available in five different resistance levels. We also offer it in both black and orange. Weight levels are estimated when the band is stretched to either three times its relaxed length (24-36” bands are estimated at four times the length).




Weight1 lbs
Dimensions14 × 11 × 1 in

12", 14", 24", 36", 48", 72"


Very Light – 10 lbs, Light – 15 lbs, Medium – 20 lbs, Heavy – 25 lbs, Very Heavy – 30 lbs


Orange, Black