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Stroops Resistance 90 System

SKU: 1005005
$54.95 to $74.95

The Resistance 90 portable resistance training system is a lightweight kit that you can take anywhere. You can set this up on any door using the Spine strap or the foam door anchor, and then you can do a full workout or key in on a specific muscle group.

Resistance 90 supplies you with a dual-band Slastix resistance band at your desired weight and color selection, a collapsible arm bar, and your choice of either a foam door anchor or a Spine Strap. The foam door anchor can be secured to any point of your doorframe, or the Spine Strap can be secured to your door and provide immediate access to seven possible anchor points from the top of your door to the bottom.

Resistance 90 adapts Stroops’ patented Slastix resistance band technology to create a product that is long-lasting, safe, and attractively designed. Slastix resistance bands are made to protect the tubing from outer abrasions that would otherwise weaken the band and hasten its breakdown. In addition, you’ll be kept safe from potential breakages as the safety sleeve restricts the band from wild snapbacks.