Stroops Slastix Loop

SKU: 1005007

The Slastix Loop is one of the most portable and easy-to-use resistance bands you can find. It’s a 28” continuous loop bound together so that you can wrap it around your body. This band is perfect for warming up, doing mobility exercises, or to get a full-body workout and it’ll easily fit into any carrier bag so you can take it on the go and work out anywhere.

The Loop is made with Stroops innovative design for safety sleeve elastic resistance bands—Slastix. The Slastix resistance band is protected from external damage for a much longer life, and the sleeve helps reduce irritation from the band being around your legs and arms.

The Slastix Loop will enable you to get in a workout wherever you are.


To better suit your fitness level, the Slastix Loop comes in all five of our standard weights, ranging from Very Light (10 pounds) to Very Heavy (30) pounds. The tag on your band identifies its weight with a corresponding color, also designated by the color of the band itself.


10 Pounds - Very Light 
15 Pounds - Light 
20 Pounds - Medium 
25 Pounds - Heavy 
30 Pounds - Very Heavy