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Stroops Performance Station

SKU: 1005029

Your all-in-one fitness center.

The Stroops Performance Station is a one-stop performance center with a small footprint built for any personal training gym, rehab center, or performance center. Its design is adjustable, sleek, and low-profile so you can get a full-body workout in just one spot.

The Performance Station is equipped with a rack with eight anchor points for Slastix resistance bands. Any Slastix attachment can also hook up to the rack for storage, and other accessories like medicine balls can be stored up top. The station also has adjustable J-hooks built to support Olympic barbells for squats and deadlifts.

The versatility of the Performance Station makes it possible to diversify your workout in numerous ways. Its multiple anchor points for Slastix resistance bands give you a great way to warm up or take on full-body resistance training at multiple anchor levels high to low.

Then, unleash your explosive power by attaching battle ropes or adding barbells to work on heavier exercises.

While still being low-profile, the Performance Station offers enough functional space for two users at a time, so you can work out solo or with a partner.

After you’re done, the Performance Station offers plenty of storage rack space for all of your gear.