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Stroops Body Weight Gym

SKU: 1005009
$59.95 to $159.95

The Body Weight Gym is a perfect, simple solution to optimize your bodyweight training.The design works with or without Slastix resistance bands depending on your preference. With this system, you’ll be able to engage all of your muscles as you work out against the resistance of your own body.

The Body Weight Gym consists of two textured grip handles with specialized loops and a pair of long cloth straps to anchor independently to any overhead anchor point. You can order this product with or without a pair of 150-pound Slastix resistance bands.

Without Slastix, the Body Weight Gym will enhance your stability and help you focus on maintaining your balance while building your muscles.

Use it with Slastix, and the added instability will supercharge your core muscles and intensify every movement of your workout.


When using resistance bands in bodyweight training, it’s important to have confidence in the integrity of your band. If a band were to weaken and break during a workout, it could be harmful to you.

With safety at the core of our mission, Stroops designed the safety sleeve elastic resistance band—Slastix—and has since used it to optimize safety and durability in many of our products. The safety sleeve around your Slastix resistance band is designed to protect you from band breakages while also preventing hyper-extension or other damaging factors that could decrease its durability.