Rehab Slastix

SKU: 1005031

Restore your mobility.

The Rehab Slastix is Stroops’s newest contribution to the physical therapy and rehabilitation space. This high-quality sleeved resistance band requires no attachments and no special anchors. All you need is yourself, any safe anchor point, and the will to see your health and well-being improve.

The Rehab Slastix is geared towards helping you restore mobility and strength in your upper- and lower-body muscle groups, such as your shoulders, arms, legs, knees, or hips. Utilizing either one of the band’s specially designed handles, this band is a rehab patient’s best friend.

Full-body exercise versatility.

This resistance band comes with two tailor-made handles that also act as anchoring systems depending on what your workout is.

To exercise your upper body, use the Textured Grip Handle to work out while anchoring the cloth-stitched handle behind a closed door or around any stable object.

For lower-body workouts, the Textured Grip Handle can also work as an anchoring system by making a knot or simply shutting it behind a door. All forms of anchoring with the Rehab Slastix are quick, easy, and adaptable to almost any environment.


10 Pounds - Very Light
15 Pounds - Light
20 Pounds - Medium
25 Pounds - Heavy
30 Pounds - Very Heavy