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Rolyan Extra Soft Stockinette

SKU: 1003234
Brand: Rolyan

100% super-soft cotton stockinette. 25 yard rolls. Latex free. Choose your desired width below. 

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Tubular stockinette is used as the first layer of a multi-layered compression bandage to provide protection to the skin. Designed for use underneath casts, splints, or to provide compression over wound dressings.

Made using soft knitted materials for comfortable wear and will conform to the body for secure protection. Non-sterile and latex-free stockinette features a continuous roll design that can be dispensed right out of the box for ease of use. Measuring 25 feet long, rolls are available in multiple widths including: 2” (5cm), 3” (7.6cm), 4” (10cm), 5” (13cm), and 6” (15cm).

Rolyan Extra Soft Stockinette