RockBand Flex

SKU: 1003800
$25.99 to $31.99

Forget latex and rubber. RockBand Flex is your all-in-one rehabilitation, stretch and mobility solution. Available in three resistances, RockBand Flex unlocks a universe of movement improvement and is designed to be washable, portable and infinitely reusable. Made from a proprietary cotton-nylon blend, with 6-inch loops spaced equally on each half of the band, Flex allows you to use one tool to rehabilitate injuries, improve mobility and increase strength.


  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Rehabilitation
  • Performance & Strength


  • Latex Free
  • Proprietary cotton/nylon blend is more "body friendly" - doesn’t get caught as easily on skin and hair
  • Extremely durable - won’t snap or tear as easily as latex
  • Unique numbered resistance loop system offers a variety of resistance levels with a single band
  • Machine washable (hang dry)

Resistance Weights:

Light - (12-18 Lb): perfect for stretching and rehab exercises, and especially for patients starting rehab exercises, or for children or elderly patients
Medium - (18-22 Lb): not too light and not too heavy; just right for most people! Use for yoga, rehab, stretching and more.
Heavy - (22-28 Lb): perfect for resistance training and stretching

Every RockBand Flex includes a detailed instructional booklet with exercises and movements to use with your new Flex.