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(B)Strong Additional Belt Set (Pair)

SKU: 1000469
$174.95 to $240.83

(B)STRONG Bands are one of the key features of the (B)STRONG Training System. Guided by medical and training experts, the (B)STRONG engineers have created the optimal system to comfortably and safely perform BFR training. Made of industrial grade materials, these belts are built to hold up in rough environments.

Belt sizing options cover all limb sizes ranging from 18-95 cm (7-37.5 in) - see sizing chart below.

IMPORTANT! – (B)STRONG Bands must ONLY be used with (B)STRONG inflation systems and guidance app. Using (B)STRONG Bands outside of the guidelines or with other equipment can lead to damage of the equipment or potential of serious injury to the user.


(B)STRONG Additional Band Sets (Pair)