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Armedica Naugahyde® Wedges

SKU: 2004846
$160.00 to $240.00
$160.00 to $240.00
These Naugahyde® Wedges from Armedica are available in various sizes and offer firm yet gentle support for proper positioning.  Take the strain off the lower back and vertebrae by placing wedges under the knees or ankles.  Use wedges for post-procedure recovery, personal use, or for facility utilization.  Reverse posturing, abductions, and adductions are some of the ways to implement a wedge cushion to make a user's experience more comfortable.

Choose from a variety of colors to match your decor.  The durable Naugahyde® fabric is easy to clean with a damp cloth of mild soapy water. 

Please be advised some wedges may be considered oversize.  Additional shipping charges may be assessed.