Stroops Spine Strap

SKU: 1004987
$29.95 to $44.95

The Spine Strap makes it possible to set up a full workout station anywhere you have a door. Its setup is easy, and it features an anti-slip clasp on the back of the spine to securely hold it in place, so you can push yourself with confidence during exercise. The strap features seven anchor points going from the top to the bottom of your door, allowing you to diversify your exercises for a versatile, full-body workout.


The Spine Strap is a perfect compliment to Slastix resistance bands, but it’s also compatible as a cable machine attachment, or with any other equipment you have. Simply anchor any band or cable you have to the Spine Strap, and you’ll have a reliable base for your at-home workout station.


The Spine Strap is compatible with any door up to 85 inches (roughly 7 feet) in height, and its design keeps your door safe from being damaged. For doors taller than 85 inches, we recommend purchasing the Spine Strap Extension to lengthen the strap another 24 inches.






All metal fabricated products, such as our anchoring systems carry a 5-year frame warranty and a 1-year wear and tear part warranty.

Stroops “soft goods” carry a 6-month commercial warranty and a 1-year home use warranty.