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Agility Dots - Set of 5 (6" Diameter)

SKU: 1002662

Streamline training!  Eliminate the need to continuously reset misplaced cones. Agility Dots offer the trainer, coach, and aspiring athlete a safer, inexpensive, portable alternative to conventional cones for setting up drills, practice games, etc.  Unlike cones, which can be tripped over or kicked out of place, these 1/8-inch, dual-sided non-slip
rubber Agility Dots are safer because they stay securely in place during even the most rigorous drills.  Coaches
and trainers will appreciate their multiple uses (as court markers, targets, goals, etc.) and low-cost. Includes five,
5-inch diameter Agility Dots.  Each dot is 6" wide  x 1/8" thick.