Stroops Hurdles

SKU: 1005010
$19.95 to $74.95

The Stroops hurdles are multipurpose hurdles for speed and agility training. The Hurdles are built with durable PVC, whiteboard-like material that is built to last and can take a beating. The surface of the Hurdles serves as a writing surface so you can use them to write down a workout or mark out and set up a station during circuit training.

There are two available sizes: 6-inch or 12-inch. Diversify your workout with an assortment of each to push yourself to the max.


The Stroops Hurdles are compatible with any kind of agility workout. We also recommend working with the hurdles while using Slastix resistance bands to maximize your workout intensity.

The Hurdles have a writable face so you can customize your workout plan or circuit training stations.