Son of the Beast

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$124.95 to $249.95

The Son of the Beast is an all-inclusive workout tool you can easily take on the go. Expounding upon our original 20-foot battle rope, the Beast, the Son of the Beast Original consists of a pair of 10-foot elastic battle ropes with the capacity to stretch to 30 feet. Each rope weighs only seven pounds and can stretch to provide resistances ranging from 15 to 150 pounds, depending on your chosen band strength. With the Son of the Beast, you’ll be able to diversify your workouts without relying entirely on weights or conventionally-made ropes.  A pair will get you started with two 10-foot sleeved elastic battle ropes of your chosen weight in either black or orange . Our Son of the Beast Pro Kit will unlock your inner beast with two 10-foot sleeved elastic battle ropes, a Power Pull Belt, two industrial Carabiners, two XL Cloth Anchors, and two Agility Dots.



Choose Your Resistance

Work out according to your fitness level with our four different resistance options. Stroops designed the handles so the color corresponds to the weight of your band.

Please use the chart below to determine which band we recommend you purchase based on your training level and weight.

 Under 130 lbs130-150 lbs150-175 lbs175-200 lbsOver 200 lbs
Low Fitness Level474747/7747/7777
Medium Fitness Level47/7747/7747/7777/10577/105
High Fitness Level7777/10577/10577/105105/150
High-Level Athlete77/10577/105105/150105/150105/150
Disclaimer: This table should only be used as a reference. If you are on the fence between two weights, we recommend you choose the lighter of the two.
  • 47 pounds—Silver—If you’re just starting out your fitness journey, the 47-pound rope will extend the standard 30 feet and give you a solid amount of resistance to build your core and work your muscle endurance. This band is recommended for light to moderate-weight persons or those who are getting started.
  • 77 pounds—Black—The 77-pound rope will turn up the heat on your workout and help you get in better shape. This is the go-to for the intermediate-level fitness users and suits various people depending on your size and weight. We recommend this resistance for most body types and experience levels beyond beginners and short of professionals or athletes.
  • 105 pounds—Tan—The 105-pound rope is built for experienced athletes. This rope will challenge you at every level. We recommend this resistance for large body types or highly experienced users.
  • 150 pounds—Orange—Unleash the Beast!   The strongest rope is built to challenge pro athletes at the highest level.





All metal fabricated products, such as our anchoring systems carry a 5-year frame warranty and a 1-year wear and tear part warranty.

Stroops “soft goods” carry a 6-month commercial warranty and a 1-year home use warranty.