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TheraBand® Latex-Free 50yd

SKU: 1004980
$105.00 to $149.00

TheraBand® Professional Latex-Free Resistance Bands are designed to help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living, and enhance athletic performance. These exercise bands provide both positive and negative force on muscles and joints to help stretch, tone, and condition all major muscle groups. Not made with natural rubber latex, these bands offer an ideal option for users with latex sensitivities.

The TheraBand® color-coded resistance system allows users to easily track their progress from one level to the next. These latex-free bands come in resistance levels that range from Super Light (2.4 lbs) to Elite (14.2 lbs). The progressive resistance system allows for workouts that increase in difficulty over time to tone muscles and recover from injuries.

Each band measures 4” (10cm) wide. Easy to store and transport in a gym bag or backpack, these resistance bands are great for those on-the-go. Providing a limitless number of uses, TheraBand® Latex-Free Resistance Bands are an essential part of any workout or athletic activity.

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