The Pronator

SKU: 1004861
If you are looking to strengthen forearm pronation or supination, wrist radial, ulnar deviation, shoulder internal or external rotation, or scapular stabilizers, the new Pronator is for you. It is specially designed to build strength in these areas and it can be used on various equipment.  

The Pronator offsets the weight challenging your rotator cuff in all shoulder exercises. It is ideal for a clinical setting because it challenges muscles up to 11 times more than would holding a normal dumbbell.

  • Custom-designed clasp allows for quick exchange of the weight to increase resistance as your patient gets stronger
  • Non-slip handle can be easily cleaned after each use
  • Excellent tool for functional exercises in athletes or work conditioning
  • Innovative design allows you to use ANY resistance tube, band or dumbbells up to 30 pounds in your clinic
  • Offset weight provides a rotational and stability component to traditional exercises