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Vinyl-Coated Arm Support

SKU: 1003271

Can be used in multiple situations to help reduce edema after surgery or protect flaccid upper extremity after stroke. Use this vinyl-coated contoured dense Foam Arm Support to position the injured weak hand more comfortably and safely by the body or to elevate the swollen hand ideally above the heart to aid in fluid return.

Fits on a lapboard, table or bed without slipping. Great for home use to enhance treatment and exercises.  Maintains the hand 5" (13cm) above tabletop. Measures 20" in length and 5-1/2" wide (51 x 14cm). The Vinyl-Coated Foam Arm Support is made of solid foam. Features a contoured trough that supports the forearm. Holds the hand at a comfortable elevation during treatment and exercise.