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Thermoactive Flat Cold Pack

SKU: 1003998
$9.99 to $29.99

Standard (10.5" X 14.5")
Cervical (23")
Oversize (13" X 21.5")
Half Size (7.5" X 11.5")

Finally – no more busted seams! ThermoActive cold packs are double sealed to prevent leaks. The extra thick nylon exterior is soft to the touch and can be wiped down with your favorite cleaner.
These packs are proven to stay colder for longer and they are guaranteed to withstand the rigors of your clinic. All packs come folded in a convenient bag for freezer use (if desired). A care instructions card is also included in every box to ensure the durability of the pack.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The manufacturer is in the process of re-branding the ThermoActive cold packs to Flexi-Kold. The quality and construction of the gel packs are identical. The only difference between the two brands is the brand name. Please note the product you receive may differ from the image seen online. Thank you for your patience as we turn over our inventory to represent the new brand.