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Shuttle Balance - Standard

SKU: 1003464

The Shuttle Balance simulates a slip-through motion in all horizontal planes in both standing and seating positions; perfect for therapeutic and sport-specific treatments. Patients are challenged across all ability levels by adjusting platform height, stability, and degree of tilt. The unstable, yet safe platform system is incredibly portable and can be used in conjunction with balance pads, sitting discs and more.

Dynamic Platform - Develops necessary proprioception in the elderly to the stabilizers in the elite athlete. Simulates a slip-through motion in all horizontal planes. Provides secure footing and supports up to 500 pounds.

Adjustable Suspension Chains - Adjustable Balance Platform height, degree of stability and tilt sensitivity. Perturbates in both standing and seated positions for therapeutic and sport-specific treatments.

Safely Train Balance - Convenient bars provide security and increased confidence during all phases of training. Can be used with your favorite balance accessory ie: Foam pad, DynaDisc®, & BOSU® Ball.


Platform Dimensions - 24" x 30"

Balance Footprint - 42" x 50"

Load Capacity - 400 lbs

Rail Height - 41"