SenMoCOR™ System

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Developed by the IAOM-US, SenMoCOR offers the user and clinician immediate visual feedback regarding sensory motor control. Using an easy-to-wear LED/laser and specially designed laser targets, SenMoCOR allows users to internalize movement errors and self-correct. The headlamp’s design provides a comfortable fit and long-lasting durability.

The SenMoCOR System is clinically designed to assist users with:

  • Cervical fine motor control
  • Stabilization exercise
  • Controlled mobility exercise
  • Sensory motor control
  • Angle reproduction exercise
  • Postural training
  • Balance training

*The SenMoCOR LED/Laser Headlamp (Item #OPTP594) can also be purchased individually*

System includes:
  • SenMoCOR LED/Laser (Item #594): Easily mount the LED/laser using two included straps: one head strap for cervical control and one 48" waist/extremity strap for lumbopelvic control or shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle control. Laser tilts for use at various angles. Also includes adapter for recharging (does not require batteries).
  • SenMoCOR Laser Target Maze (Item #592)
    Winding maze for cervical motor control. Made of durable vinyl; 4' W x 3' H.
  • SenMoCOR Laser Target Cross (Item #593)
    Classic circular target with vertical, horizontal, and arced lines for tracking. Made of durable vinyl; 4' W x 3' H.

WARNING: Laser radiation – Avoid direct eye exposure to beam

The SenMoCOR System is non-returnable.