Rolyan Palm Protector

SKU: 1004492

Ideal for Finger Flexion Contractures
Rolyan Palm Protector is made from closed-cell foam combined with soft Sherpa fabric. The palm shield can be used for moderate to severe finger spasticity or contractures to help prevent skin breakdown in the palm. The finger separators keep the contracted fingers separated from each other to prevent painful skin breakdown between the fingers.

Customized to Fit Multiple Users
Pre-rolled and tacked down for simple application, the hand splint protects the palm from the fingernails. Without interfering with circulation, the palm shield can be easily customized to fit a wide range of users. It secures over the back of the hand, with hook and loop fasteners, to prevent sliding off.

Soft and Gentle Against the Skin
The palm protector acts as a buffer between the hard edges of the fingernails and the soft skin of the palm of the hand. You can hand wash the fabric in warm water and mild soap. Do not wring but dry at room temperature and make sure the splint is completely dry before reapplying it. The construction of the palm shield resists fingernail puncture and cushions the excessive pressure on the fingertips.



  • Designed to keep severely contractured fingers from digging the fingernails into the palm of the hand
  • Closed-cell foam construction lined with Sherpa fabric measuring ¼" thick to help reduce the risk of skin irritation from involuntary motion
  • The highly pliable and soft shield material fits like a backless glove, with hook and loop fasteners to provide easy application and adjustments
  • When rolled, the palm shield helps ease the hand out of a flexed posture with severe finger contractures to prevent injury
  • Available for the left or right hand, the one-size fits most palm protector includes finger separators
Rolyan Palm Protector with Finger Separators