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RockTape Mini Big Daddy 4" x 16.4' Roll

SKU: 1003354
$51.00 to $55.99

RockTape's Mini Big Daddy is the widest tape available on the market.  It was developed for clinicians so that they have a better way to measure stretch.  It works great for lower back, groin and ITB applications. Perfect for covering large surface areas.  4" x 16.4'.  Available in Beige, Black, Black Logo and Black H2O.

ROCKTAPE's Active-Recovery (AR) series of tapes are designed to enhance performance and recovery.  Unlike regular compression garments and tapes, this can be used both to apply compression to promote recovery, or decompression to relieve pain and swelling. Engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, swimmers and cyclists.

The ROCKTAPE AR series features:  stickier, hypoallergenic adhesive that won't fall off during competition; 180% stretch, the same elasticity as skin, to promote full range of motion; 97% cotton, 3% Nylon 6/12, low moisture absorption;  tighter weave, which enables muscle to more easily "snap back" to neutral; water resistant and wearable for up to 5 days!