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RockFloss is a versatile compression tack & floss band that removes adhesion between muscle & fascia. It is especially effective at loosening up pain-inducing tight tissues that surround the joints. RockFloss also helps to increase blood flow to the affected area by flushing the blood out and allowing it to rush back in.

It can be used on almost anywhere body - shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows, hips or ankles. The 2" standard size works best for most applications, while the 4" roll works best for larger athletes or body parts such as thighs or torso.

Includes detailed instructions for most common applications, so you can start improving range of motion and reducing pain right out of the box.

Increase range of motion, relieve pain, promote flexibility, and accelerate recovery with RockFloss!

Available in 2" x 7' Roll or 4" x 7' Roll. 100% Natural Latex.