Richmar APT Performer

SKU: 1004419

APT Performer training device is used to rehab upper and lower extremities with new and improved features that benefit both patients and clinicians. While it includes industry-standard strength and symmetry training modes for upper and lower extremities as other active passive trainers on the marker, only APT Performer incorporates fine motor skills*, allowing clinicians to assess patient progress in a whole new way. Improve functional outcomes by enhancing strength and coordination; restore patients’ ability to participate in their regular daily activities; measure and record progress throughout a treatment program— all with APT Performer.

APT Performer includes industry-standard strength and symmetry training modes for upper and lower extremities, and is also the first-and-only active-passive trainer on the market to incorporate fine motor skills training.

Unique, engaging gameplay for all training programs:

  • Symmetry Training guides bilateral balance of muscle strength and coordination
  • Strength Training aims to improve muscle conditioning with set force production goals
  • Endurance Training encourages patients to increase their longevity of exercise output
  • ROM Training maintains muscle and soft-tissue pliability, improves joint mobility, and helps prevent muscle atrophy
  • Fine Motor Training* measures hand-eye coordination on the basis of reaction time and accuracy

Biofeedback prompts include:

  • Auditory and visual feedback during training
  • On-screen treatment summary
  • HIPAA-compliant summary download to USB


  • Intelligent Spasm Detection with adjustable settings for spasm-recognition and remediation based on the Modified Ashworth Scale (MAS)
  • Automatic active-passive safety control with adjustable passive threshold
  • Treatment parameters can be customized and saved for future use
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Heartrate Monitor Connection Capability**
  • Bright, 8” color touch screen that tilts and rotates for viewing ease and comfort
  • Upper extremity handles and pedal rotate 180° for adjustment according to therapy being used
  • Includes anti-tip wheelchair hooks and straps for upper and lower extremities
  • Height adjustable; wheels for easy transport
  • Simple-to-use interface for quick training setup
  • 2-year warranty

* Fine motor training is available for upper extremities only
** Compatible with Polar H10 Sensors; not included

Dimensions:  28” x 30” x 42”
Rated Voltage:  AC 100-240 V
Frequency:  50-60 Hz


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