Rangemaster Pulley

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$17.77 to $18.77

Restore Your Shoulder Health - Shoulder pulleys use the force of gravity to gently increase range of motion and blood flow to the shoulder joint. This passive exercise helps the healing process and gets you to a pain-free range of motion.

Custom Made - Made with a custom pulley with zinc-coated housing to resist deformation over time. Wooden handles allow easy adjustability of the 85-inch cord to ensure comfort and easy use.
The Perfect Recovery Tool - Ideal for recovery and rehabilitation to prevent surgery, assist in healing after surgery or injuries, and for improving pain free mobility. Helps enhance the range of motion for people suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury, bursitis, and other impingement issues.

Why do Shoulder Pulleys Relieve Shoulder Pain?
The shoulder is a self-lubricating joint. That means if there is little or no movement, there is no lubrication. “Oil” for the shoulder is stored in a sub-surface tissue sack called the bursa. The only way this “synovial fluid” can be pumped from the bursa through the shoulder is with movement.

Smooth movements in a pain-free range, like those done with a shoulder pulley, cause the shoulder to lubricate itself and prevent it from becoming stiff or frozen.