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Push® MetaGrip® Thumb CMC Orthosis

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The Push MetaGrip provides a custom fit contoured to your hand for comfortable, all-day, pain-free wear.

Stabilize your thumb CMC joint with the Push MetaGrip so you can perform pinching and gripping motions with ease. By squeezing the brace’s embedded, contoured metal form you create a custom fit. The brace can be worn under a glove, resists abrasion and does not impede the movement of other joints. Latex-free, waterproof, and able to withstand heat, the brace is durable enough to be machine-washed on the gentle cycle and can be worn during a wide variety of activities. See video or view chart below to determine size.  Available in Extra Small (X-SM), Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L).

Push MetaGrip is the ideal thumb brace for women and men to address:

  • Pain from arthritis at the thumb CMC joint
  • Instability of the thumb CMC joint
  • Post-operative care after thumb CMC surgery.




IMPORTANT: If you have thumb CMC osteoarthritis that has progressed to significant subluxation (a large bony bump at the base of your thumb), the MetaGrip will not be able to fit properly. Additionally, normal thumb muscle mass is required for ideal fit and function, so those lacking normal thumb muscle bulk may experience inadequate stabilization.

Please note: MetaGrip® is not intended for all problems of the thumb. Although you may purchase the MetaGrip® directly from us, we strongly recommend you be measured and fitted by a medical professional. Because this is a medical device WE CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS, so please choose your purchase wisely.

Push® MetaGrip® Thumb CMC Orthosis