Pouch Variable Weights

SKU: 2001335
Brand: Fabrication Enterprises

A complete progressive exercise program. The total resistance is varied by inserting or removing the individual weight packets. See weight options below.

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The Pouch Variable Wrist and Ankle Weight offers an adjustable weight solution that is comfortable. Each variable weight comes with 5 weight packets (a 5-lb Pouch weight comes with five 1-lb weights). Each Pouch is color coded to show its maximum capacity.

2.5 lb- 5 x 0.5 lb inserts - Red

5 lb- 5 x 1 lb inserts - Black

10 lb- 5 x 2 lb inserts - Brown

15 lb- 5 x 3 lb inserts - Tan

20 lb- 5 x 4 lb inserts - Blue

25 lb- 5 x 5 lb inserts - Green

Pouch Variable Weights