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$269.99 to $288.70

Treats all scar types, including old and new keloid and hypertrophic scars. Reduces scar size, flattens, improves elasticity and restores normal texture. Pure, medical grade hypoallergenic silicone gel produces great results on all scar types including burns. 

Both beige and clear backing are equally effective and contain the same amount of silicone. So what’s the difference? Clear backing is thinner and a bit more conformable than beige backing. Beige backing is thicker and slightly more durable than the clear backing. Both contain the same amount of silicone and are equally effective in the treatment of scars.

  • Available in Beige Fabric or Clear Film
  • Very adhesive; no tapes needed
  • Can be cut to size to fit most scars
  • Packaged in reusable trays for convenient storage
  • Washable, durable and reusable
  • Made in the USA
  • Box includes five (5) sheets, measuring 5" x 6"

NOTE:  New Gel+ is safe for use on children ages two years and older.

Newgel+ 5 in. X 6 in. Box (5)