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Hwato® Single Acupuncture Needles

SKU: 1001977

Best Used For:
• General all-over body points 
• Moxibustion & Electro-Therapy Treatments
• Veterinary Acupuncture 

Needle Features Include: 
• 13 mm - 40 mm length 
• 0.20 mm - 0.30 mm diameter 
• Surgical stainless steel shaft 

Handle Features Include: 
• 13 mm length needle features a 20 mm length handle
• 25 mm length needle features a 25 mm length handle
• 40 mm length needle features a 30 mm length handle 
• Spring style with loop
• Silver-plated copper handle 

Packaging Features Include: 
• 5 needles/blister pack
• 100 needles/box 
• Made of 100% recyclable material 

Hwato® is a company with international activities in the field of acupuncture and alternative remedies, which was founded 145 years ago in China. Hwato® needles are silicone free. Thin, disposable, sterile, suitable for treatments close to ecology and nature, for acupuncture without chemicals.

Hwato® factory is the world's oldest, largest and most respected manufacturer of hand-made needles. All stages of production are executed there. Stringent quality control is applied throughout the process, ensuring a consistent, reliable and safe product.

Hwato® are ideal for treatments using electroacupuncture or moxibustion.