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DBC™ Spring Ten Acupuncture Needles

SKU: 1001981

Best Used For:
• General all-over body points 
• Treatments that require multiple needles 
• Moxibustion & Electro-therapy treatments 
• Community clinics, busy practices 

Needle Features Include: 
• 15 mm - 60 mm length 
• 0.16 mm - 0.30 mm diameter 
• Surgical stainless steel shaft 
• Silicone coated needle tip 

Handle Features Include: 
• 15 mm length needle features a 20 mm length handle
• All needles except 15 mm feature a 25 mm length handle
• Spring-style
• Surgical stainless steel 

Packaging Features Include: 
• 10 needles per blister pack
• 100% PVC-free polypropylene guide tube/blister pack
• 1000 needles/box 
• Made of 100% recyclable material 

DBC™ needles are the highest quality Korean needles on the market and renowned worldwide for their smooth painless insertion. All DBC™ acupuncture needles are made from the best surgical-grade stainless steel in strict compliance with CE Marking, ISO 9002, British Q-mark, and 510K certification from the United States FDA and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines.

DBC™ acupuncture needles are made with machine-controlled precision to ensure every needle is finished to the highest quality. The grinding and polishing processes are automatically controlled and have no human intervention, thus ensuring excellent consistency. DBC™ needles have a micro polished high-tech coated body and optimized needle tip to geometrically ensure smooth painless insertion. The easy grip handles are especially designed with a handle length of up to 25 mm both in pipe handle and spring handle products.

DongBang™ Corporation is one of the largest acupuncture manufacturers in the world and fully committed to innovation and the continuous support of worldwide academic research in acupuncture.