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Chattanooga Continuum Kit

SKU: 1004003
Whether looking to strengthen muscles to help prevent injury or during recovery following trauma or surgery, clinicians and their patients can experience improved results by incorporating Continuum into their treatment. Along with its portability, the device's optional remote switches make it suitable for functional rehabilitation. And by combining TENS with NMES, users can simultaneously help manage pain and enhance exercise, thereby shortcutting the traditional muscle recovery cycle. Factor in a choice of program options including customizable waveforms, and you have a highly versatile and user-friendly rehabilitation tool that can help deliver optimal therapeutic outcomes.

1+1 Function: Continuum features 2 separate channels that can be managed independently. Users can select either the same program on both channels, or 2 different programs to be used simultaneously

Individually tailorable: Continuum has 13 pre-programmed and 2 custom regimens for NMES and TENS. Modify treatment time, waveform type (Symmetrical or Asymmetrical), pulse rates and durations (widths), cycling type, off times, channel ramp times, and on time

Generating a strong contraction: Continuum uses balanced waveforms that deliver muscle stimulation that is powerful while remaining comfortable

Hand switch: The handheld remote trigger can be used to easily activate stimulation, either by the clinician at a distance or by the patient

Belt clip: A simple belt clip that fits over a belt or waistband

Kickstand: Built-in, pull-out kickstand

Battery powered: Continuum runs on a pair of standard AA batteries

Optional Heel switch: When placed inside the user's shoe, this optional heel switch can be used to trigger muscle stimulation (not included; sold separately as an optional accessory. Contact us for details.)


Technical Specifications

Model:Chattanooga Continuum
FDA:Class II
IP class:IP22
Applied part:Type BF
Dimensions:1.26" (32mm) x 3.3" (84mm) x 4.5" (114mm)
Battery:2x AA batteries
Weight (with batteries):226.8g