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Chattanooga Vectra Genysis 2-Channel Stim w/ EMG

SKU: 1000836

Vectra Genisys is the first modular therapy system that consolidates up to six therapeutic modalities in one system (ultrasound, electrotherapy, ultrasound/ electrotherapy combination, laser, sEMG, and sEMG + stim), at a fraction of what these modalities would cost alone.

If you’re a therapist with a knack for technology, you’re going to love the Vectra Genisys. Feature-rich software and advanced engineering give you direct control over multiple parameters so you can program treatments to meet even the most complex challenges. And the onboard Graphical Library can help you educate your patients.   If you’re a therapist who likes to simplify treatment setup, our user-friendly interfaces and intuitive onboard software provide you with the ultimate in ease of use. In fact, most therapies can be started in just a few steps.

Electrotherapy Features:

  • Two channel with sEMG
  • Clinical Protocols and Indications for acute & chronic pain
  • Operator Remotes: Optional operator remotes allow treatment to start, stop, or pause at any time as well as change the amplitude
  • Patient Data Management System: Optional software program that provides an organized way to store, display, compare, and print information captured on patient data cards.
  • Patient Documentation: Capture and record accurate patient information through the following programs: Pain Map Profile, Modality Records, Electrode Placement Diagrams, and Session Notes
  • User-Defined Protocols: Customizes any waveform to your specific needs. User protocols are organized alphabetically by name for easy recall.
  • Clinical Protocols + Indications: Help guide therapy selections.
  • Lead Wire Connections: Newly designed lead wires have rip stop feature and color-coded connectors to easily distinguish between channels.
  • Display: 5" high contrast color screen
  • Patient Data Cards: Built-in card reader provides documentation of patient therapy and treatment outcomes. Five data cards come standard with the system.
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12 3/4" x 8 3/4" x 9 3/4"
  • 9 Clinical waveforms
  • Full-color graphical library

The unique modular design of the Vectra Genisys lets you choose what fits best in your clinical setting now or easily add to later without the replacement of products.  Cart sold separately.  Price is valid while supplies last!

*RESTRICTED:  This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional.

Chattanooga Vectra Genysis 2-Channel Stim w/ EMG