Cando Wate Ball

SKU: 2001162
Brand: Fabrication Enterprises

Cando hand held weight balls offer the benefits of traditional weight training without using dumbbells. Their pliable exterior allows for easy grasping, while their textured surface makes it slip-free. Sold individually or as a set. See weight options below.

Available to order

These color coded weight balls are small and flexible enough to grasp with one hand, yet still big enough to hold with two hands. Use a bicycle pump to inflate/deflate to make ball harder/easier to grasp. They're available in 6 weights from 1.1lbs through 6.6 lbs, all maintaining a constant 5" diameter. 

Tan - 1.1lb

Yellow - 2.2 lb

Red - 3.3 lb

Green - 4.4 lb

Blue - 5.5 lb

Black - 6.6 lb


Cando Wate Ball