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CanDo® Band Dispenser Packs (30ct)

SKU: 2003957
$90.84 to $121.12
CanDo® Resistive Band Exercisers packaged in a polybag. Simply remove the exercise band from the polybag and it is ready to use. CanDo® high-quality latex resistive exercise band has been used in clinics for rehabilitation, conditioning and training since 1987. It has become a well-known staple of many physical therapy programs. CanDo® exercise band is an economic solution for upper and lower body exercise. Lightweight, compact and portable. Durable. Effective when used alone, or with handles and anchors. Color-coded according to the exercise band's resistance.

CanDo® is licensed to use the Thera-Band® color sequence so resistance level is easily identified. Available in the same levels of resistance for progressive exercise. Levels range in order of resistance from least to greatest resistance: tan, yellow, red, green, blue, and black. Each band is 5" wide x 5ft long.

CanDo® low powder exercise band is made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions. For those with latex sensitivities, there are latex-free alternative offerings of the CanDo® exercise band.  Each resistance is packaged in a 30-piece dispenser box.