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Butterfly Trivarion Ionto Pad (12/Bx)

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Trivarion's unique butterfly shape is able to conform to virtually any treatment area.

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Trivarion's unique design makes it the most conforming delivery electrode available. Coupled with its ability to deliver ions with a precise pH balance up to 80 mA*min, it is clear why ActivaTek's iontophoresis system is the best value available on the market! 12 kits/box. Maximum strength, precise buffering with new Carbon-Ag/AgCl technology Large ground electrode surface area lowers sensation and increases comfort Highly absorbent drug matrix no messy hydrogel Large surface adhesion area.

Please Note: Non-professional sales in the USA require a prescription. Please call SME at 800-538-4675 for details on submitting a prescription.

Butterfly Trivarion Ionto Pad (12/Bx)