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APS® Standard Dry Needles

SKU: 1003992
$13.50 to $16.95
1 – 4$13.50 - $16.95
5 – 9$11.50 - $16.50
10 +$10.75 - $15.95
$13.50 to $16.95
Specifically designed for Dry Needling, sterile, disposable APS Dry Needles with insertion tubes feature a headless design along with thicker, stiffer handles to facilitate precise puncturing and accuracy in manipulation, as well as improved handling and control. High-strength, patented, surgical stainless steel construction prevents bending for greater accuracy, while triple polishing removes surface irregularities for smooth, painless insertion. Triple lubricant coating maintains lubrication during the entire procedure. Additionally, APS Dry Needles feature special conical sharpening to improve needle penetration for multiple insertions.

  • Perfect grip ensures total control and precision
  • Facilitates easy penetration and better handling from beginning to end of treatment
  • Smooth insertion minimizes tissue damage and reduces pain during treatment
  • Easy-open packaging
  • 100 individually-wrapped needles per box
APS Standard Dry Needles