Deluxe Medicine Balls

SKU: 1000006

Deluxe Medicine Balls have texture for better grip & handling.  Perfect for individual exercise or group training.

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$31.64 to $168.36

The Aeromat Deluxe Medicine Ball is designed with a hollow construction, which allows balls to bounce. It is perfectly balanced to maintain the round shape and has a synthetic weather-resistant rubber surface that is textured for an improved grip.


  • New texture for better grip and handling
  • Essential for core, upper body strength training
  • Great for both individual and group exercise training
  • Well-balanced, maintains round shape
  • Exceptional durability
  • Synthetic, weather resistant rubber surface
  • 2lb - 4lb with 7.75" diameter
    6 lb - 12 lb with 9" in diameter
    15 lb - 18 lb with 10" in diameter
    20 lb - 30 lb with 10.8" in diameter

Please note:  The manufacturer controls color pattern of medicine balls.  Colors may vary from our description.

Deluxe Medicine Balls