Lil'Lift 2017


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The Lil'Lift is as simple and effective as its name. It lifts the belly during pregnancy for maternity back support and provides tummy reshaping after delivery. Choose size.

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Lil'Lift relieves backache, abdominal stress, and pelvic and bladder pressure. Our unique latex-free elastic has soft edges for pure comfort. The 3-inch width won’t dig into your groin or fold over on itself as wider belts tend to do. Lil’Lift will stay flat and comfortable -- exactly where you put it, exactly where you need it.

- Mild pregnancy lift
- Helps relieve backache, abdominal stress, pelvic and bladder pressure
- Designed by an Orthopedic, Women's Health Physical Therapist
- After the delivery, Lil’Lift will help support and reshape your recovering tummy.

Sizing (measure at hips and around belly):

  • Small (32in - 37in)
  • Med/Large (38in - 52in)
  • X-Large (47in - 60in)


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