Therm-X Garments & Accessories

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Therm-X is a portable, versatile, and intuitive approach to both cryotherapy and thermotherapy that is built to stand up to the demands of professional use. Its innovative technology, thoughtful design, and ease of use make it a must-have modality for any rehabilitation or sports medicine practice.

The following Therm-X Garments & Accessories are designed to allow effective thermal treatment + compression therapy.

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● Designed to allow effective thermal treatment + compression.
● Feature a sealed path designed to direct the coolant to an anatomical treatment area. This area is calibrated to deliver the correct temperature.
● Marked with fitting steps to make application easy.
● Manufactured with high-quality Velcro, designed for repeated use.
● Utilize a quick-connect hose fitting, with self-sealing valves to help prevent coolant loss while detaching.
● Shaped to fit a broad size range of bodies, from small patients to large athletes. One size fits all.
● Bilateral design, so you don’t have to buy "Lefts" and "Rights".

● The Therm-X split umbilical hose allows you to treat two patients at once.
● Fitted with quick connectors to ensure a secure, no leak link.
● Designed with extra insulation to maintain the coolant temperature as it travels from machine to garment.

● Available in a 1 qt container to keep your machine full and healthy.
● Allows the Therm-X to get ice cold without freezing.
● Prevents the buildup of bacteria and fungus in the machine and garments.

● Allows you to take your Therm-X where you need it.
● Position the Therm-X machine, Umbilical Hose, Power Supply, and multiple Garments securely.

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