Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley, 110lb (50kg)

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This heavy-duty mobile speed pulley is the best option for limited space or when wall-attachment cannot be used. It is helpful for rehabilitation wards.

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Mobile speed pulley is the best option for limited space or when wall-attachment cannot be used. It is also an excellent option for rehabilitation that takes place for example in rehabilitation wards. The mobile speed pulley features a 50 kg encased weight stack, casters and two ropes with handles. Otherwise the functions are same as with regular Speed Pulleys.

Main features:

  • Possibility of starting with low weight and setting the weight precisely using one or two ropes
  • Not losing the weight even when doing explosive speed exercises
  • The mobility enables more options f.ex when doing rehabilitation exercises in rehabilitation wards

Technical features:

  • CE–marked medical equipment
  • Extremely sturdy construction 
  • Four castors Ø75 mm with central locking 
  • Two adjustment pins: one for adjusting the height of the rope and the second one acts as a range motion limiter
  • Two pulling ropes and two handles
  • Weight stack covered with steel casing for safety 
  • Special pull cord mechanism transforms the outgoing resistance load at a ratio of 1:5 with one pull rope and 2:5 when using two pull ropes (see product card for examples and more information) The height of the pulling handle and the length of the cord can be adjusted in 5 cm increments
  • Quiet, smooth resistance across the whole range of movement, and the pulling mechanism allows quick, even explosive exercise movements

Weight plates
20 x 2,5 kg

Number of pulling ropes

Max. length of ropes using 1 rope (halved with 2 ropes)
7,5 meters

Overall height
186 cm

74,5 cm

Depth with adjustment pins
77 cm

Total weight
85 kg

Ø75 mm, central locking


Steel parts 10 years
Mechanism 2 years

Country of Manufacture

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