HIVAMAT 200 Portable

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Deep Oscillation Therapy. Modality-assisted manual therapy for pain relief.

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The HIVAMAT 200 Portable gives a mobile therapy option for deep oscillation treatments. This portable device uses predefined programs from three practice-specific Treatment Protocol Cards for Athletic, Rehabilitation, and Chiropractic related treatments. Patient Cards are also available in order to use custom programs saved from HIVAMAT 200 Evident.

Perfect for sports teams where mobile therapy is a necessity, the HIVAMAT 200 Portable is battery operated – because athletes need help recovering from microtrauma and acute injuries when they are at home, as well as away.


Deep Oscillation Therapy is a unique therapeutic treatment for rehab that is FDA-approved for muscle relaxation, increasing circulation, and pain relief, which are important factors in restoring function and maintaining muscle mobility.

Muscle Relaxation

Deep oscillation therapy is felt as a gentle vibration within the soft tissues, which relaxes the underlying muscles, making soft tissues more pliable for manipulations aimed at increasing range of motion.

Increased Mobilization

The massaging effect created by the oscillations work up to 8 cm deep into the patient’s tissues, causing pathways to open and increase the flow of blood, nutrients, and lymph throughout the body, helping to naturally heal damaged tissues.

Pain Relief

Once the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients is restored to muscles afflicted by adhesions from injury or microtrauma, the resulting pain is diminished, and mobility is increased.

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