Intelect Shortwave Diathermy Unit

Intelect Shortwave Diathermy Unit


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The Intelect SWD100 offers safe, effective deep tissue heat therapy of shortwave diathermy.  With full-color touch-screen interface, onboard clinical resources, customizable treatment parameters, the Intelect SWD100 is remarkably
intuitive and easy to use.

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The SWD100 offers several treatment, interface, on-board clinical protocols, graphics library and 200 user-defined protocol storage slots. Patients receive deep, soothing heat therapy with customizable treatment parameters or a simplified process for true touch and go therapy.

  • 360° swivel rotation of the easy-to-use interface, which has a full-color LCD touch screen.
  • Clinical Education Resources including: full-color graphics library of anatomical images and pathologies, applicator placement images, diathermy rational and diathermy contraindications
  • Automatic resonance tuning
  • Continuous and Pulsed modes
  • Robust, multi-jointed, pivoting electrode arms
  • Adjustable treatment timer
  • Two output channels
  • Patient safety switch
  • Patient Documentation of treatment sessions, pre- and post-treatment patient pain scales, pain mapping and pain types all captured on Patient Data Cards
  • Dimensions: 24"W x 12"D x 45.5"H.
  • Weighs 60 lbs.


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