RockSauce Chill 32oz Pump

RockSauce Chill 32oz Pump


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Formulated with 6% menthol and pain-fighting ingredients like Arnica, Aloe, and Green Tea; RockSauce Chill provides a powerful, chilly sensation.

Clinical-sized bottle with pump delivers 32oz of cooling pain relief for your practice.

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Features & Benefits of RockSauce:
- Temporarily relieves minor muscular pain
You’ll feel it working instantly. Cooling sensation lasts up to one hour
- Apply under or over RockTape: the RockSauce Chill will soak into and through the tape and slowly release onto the skin
- Great pre-tape prep: apply to skin and wipe excess away before taping
- MSDS sheet available

Active Ingredients:
Menthol (6%)


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