Choto Shin Shoni Shin Scraping Tool

Choto Shoni-Shin Tool

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The Choto Shoni-Shin is a 2" long, polished silver tool for scraping acupressure points. It features two blade-like sides (one large, one small) with tapered ends. The Choto Shin tool has two different edges: one sharper and one gentler, primarily used for smaller-frame patients such as pediatric or geriatric populations or for smaller target areas. Us the tip to focus on individual areas for pressure point stimulation.

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Developed in Japan over 300 years ago, Shoni-Shin uses rhythmic tapping and superficial scrapping along the meridian pathways to encourage Qi flow. The term Shoni-Shin means "Little Person Needle" and this system is used frequently in the treatment of pediatric patients or wherever a gentler touch is indicated, as the sensation is novel and mild. This unique tool is great for those who employ Japanese acupuncture techniques, facial rejuvenation systems, or specialize in pediatrics and other special populations.


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