Putty Elastomer

Putty Elastomer

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Easy to use putty.  Just mix in your hands!  Choose 12 or 32 oz. kit.

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12 oz. Putty Elastomer Kit
32 oz. Putty Elastomer Kit


This putty-like elastomer is ideal for softening and flattening hypertrophic scarring. Features a dense, firm consistency.  Use Putty Elastomer when you need to control placement, such as in web spaces or other irregular areas. Great for building up handles or for finger separators. Just place equal amounts of A and B in your hands and mix. Sets up at room temperature in approximately three minutes.  Sold in kits of one each of A and B, (two 6 fl. oz. jars or two 16 fl. oz. jars). Mixing spoon is included.

Elastomer Setup Consistencies
Working consistency:
         - Dense, firm putty mixed by hand kneading.
         - Mix equal amounts.
Recommended use:
         - Web spaces, curves or other irregular areas. Adapt or customize handles.


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