Base 2 Outrigger Components

Base 2 Outrigger Components


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Economical outrigger components with the adjustability of more complex outriggers.  See image for product detail.

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Product Name Price Qty
Straight - 7" (3)
Straight - 5" (3)
Straight - 2" (2)
Curved - 7" (3)
Curved - 5" (3)
Curved With Foot - 7" (3)
Curved With Foot - 5" (3)
Curved Multi-Digit, 4" (2)
Wing Nuts, 5/pk
All Plastic Line Guides, 10/pk
Accessory Kit


  • Made of lightweight aluminum for quick and easy fabrication and alignment of dynamic and static progressive splints. Kits include wing nuts, thumb screws and line guides made from plastic and metal. Pre-tied finger cuffs are made of ultra-suede.
  • Each Base 2™ Outrigger Kit includes all the parts needed for one or more styles of dynamic splints. These kits allow the convenience of having all the necessary components for a specific dynamic splint together in one kit.
  • Aluminum components in various lengths are sold separately to create customized contoured outriggers.
  • Outriggers can be bent easily by hand or with pliers.
  • Instructions and suggested splint patterns are included with each Base 2™ Outrigger Kit.

Thermoplastics are sold separately.

NOTE:  These components can be used with or without Base 2™ Outrigger Kits (NC12820, NC12821, NC12822 and NC12823). Kits include all the components needed for one splint. The additional parts listed below are available separately for making customized, contour outriggers.


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