CEU - When The Feet Hit The Ground: Everything Changes

CEU - When The Feet Hit The Ground: Everything Changes

September 11, 2021, 7:30 am EST - September 12, 2021, 4:30 pm EST

Nashua, NH

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Course Description:

This 2-day lab-based 16-hour Continuing Education course is designed to teach foot and ankle biomechanics and discuss the effects they have on the lower extremities. The Con Ed course will blend lecture with extensive hands-on lab time with a low participant to instructor ratio to best master the skills that are presented. You will learn how to identify and treat foot pathologies and develop an expert understanding of how altering foot mechanics can create positive effects up the lower extremity chain. The research-based treatment principles will include shoe recommendation, taping, exercise, over-the-counter and custom orthotic prescription. You will learn practical skills for immediate application in your practice. 


To be best prepared for the course, a 60 minute in-depth anatomy and joint axes presentation is provided. Participants are required to view the presentation and complete a comprehension quiz prior to attending. Access information will be provided 30 days prior to your course date. 


Course Objectives:

If the participants seize the opportunity to learn throughout the course, they will be able to:

1. Describe the anatomy and tri-plane joint biomechanics of the foot and ankle complex

2. Perform a comprehensive biomechanical examination of the lower kinetic chain

3. Discuss the regional interdependence of the entire lower kinetic chain during gait and functional activities

4. Differentiate between normal and abnormal gait biomechanics during walking

5. Compare and contrast various footwear options as they relate to foot type and gait

6. Integrate custom and non-custom orthotic therapy devices into the treatment plans of patients with lower quarter pathology

7. Integrate evidence-based exercise, taping and manual therapy interventions into a comprehensive treatment plan


View the course itinerary here: Course Info