Pointer Excel II LT

Pointer Excel II LT


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The Pointer Excel II LT is the latest innovation in pressure point location and stimulation. 

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The Pointer Excel II LT is the latest innovation in pressure point location and stimulation. This newly designed, accurate, easy-to-read handheld TENS device incorporates an effective and simple push-button stimulation feature. This device is fully equipped with distinguished features such as polarity change-over switch, frequency selection and micro current stimulation.

Includes two grounding plates (allows use with either right or left hand) in addition to a hand probe with grounding pole and attached wire, two probe tips (ear 2mm and body 4mm), one 9-volt battery, carrying case and instructions. Large digital display provides both frequency and location. The pressure point locator is set to an internal fixed sensitivity of 5.5, which is optimal for most.

Channel:                     One
Output Current:           0-22 mA r.m.s.
Frequency Meter:         LCD Display 0.35" x 1.0"
Volts and current:         Normal dial: 22.5 volts, 0 to 45 milliamp
                                  Blue zone: 11.0 volts, 0 to 2 microamp
Polarity (+/-):               Control by switch
Pulse width:                260 Microseconds (µS) (Fixed)
Waveform:                  Asymmetric biphasic square wave
Pulse Modes:              Continuous
Pulse Rate:                 1 to 16 Hz (Adjustable)
Power Source:              9 volt battery
Device Dimensions:      8.85" x 1.96" x 1.5"
Weight of Device:        95 grams device only
Color:                         White/Blue
Skin Impendance Monitoring:   Meter, Sound, and Light Indication 

Electrical Specifications are +-20% with 500 OHM Loading

Pointer Excel II LT


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