Complete Bed Exit Fall Prevention System

Complete Bed Exit Alarm System


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Know when a resident is getting up from bed with this complete bed exit system!

Place volume-adjustable monitor on headboard of bed. Place the sensor pad under the resident on the bed. When the resident gets up from pad, an alarm will sound on the monitor to alert the caregiver.

This complete system includes one 10" x 30" Bed Sensor Pad (1-year pad life) and one Basic Fall Prevention Monitor.

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This Complete Bed Exist Alarm System provides caregivers an efficient method of knowing when a resident is getting out of a bed. The system comes complete with a 10" x 30" Bed Sensor Pad (1-year pad life) and a Basic Fall Prevention Monitor. When the bed pad is connected to the monitor, the bed pad will trigger the fall prevention alarm when weight is removed from the pressure pad itself.

Adjustable volume control - monitor can be set to silent if used with existing nurse call system.
Nurse call port - connects monitor directly to existing nurse call system.
Auto-reset - Monitor automatically resets when pressure is re-applied to connected pad or mat.
Low battery and status indicator lights.
Battery operated (1) 9-Volt (not included)
Optional AC Power Adapter AC-02 available (not included)


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